How do I Automate My Productivity with Pomzen Pomodoro Timer

How do I Automate My Productivity with Pomzen Pomodoro Timer

The Pomodoro timer is one of the best productivity timers that can be used to maintain focus and tackle distractions. It helps you to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed, by allowing you to focus on a specific task and for a short time. The goal is to get all things done without feeling overwhelmed with everything that has to be done.

To manage your Pomodoro productivity timers in the most effective and easiest way you can Pomzen timer, where you customized your Pomodoro timer and use this technique in the best way, suitable for you to automate your productivity. Here are some key tips you can follow:

Identify your most productive hours

Naturally, the level of our productivity varies throughout the day. While some people can concentrate more and are more productive in the morning, some have higher productivity levels in the afternoon or at different hours of the day.

With Pomzen productivity timer, you can create your own productivity bar for a day, weeks, or months, and examine at what hour of the day you are most productive and when you are not. Once you determine your most productive hours, you can schedule those hours exclusively for doing important work. Keep other tasks such as scheduling meetings, replying to emails, taking calls for other hours of the day.

Make good use of break reminders

Taking short breaks between works is essential for well-being and productivity. But how frequently should we take breaks and how long that’s an important point to think about. The primary purpose of taking breaks is to give your brain time to relax and recalibrate so you continue working effectively.

Pomzen productivity timer helps you set a break interval that is suitable for you. You can set your work-break ratio and ensure to provide ample time for your brain to relax. You also want to make good use of your break to recharge your body and mind. Get up and go out to take fresh air or do something that is most relaxing for you.

Identify distractions and block them

We all tend to procrastinate at one point or another, for different reasons. Most of the time we find ourselves unable to start a task because we are simple distracted by other things. With Pomzen you can block distraction or unproductive apps for a part of the day, the whole day, weeks, or even months. Blocking unwanted apps can effectively help you focus o your work more and complete your projects before the deadline.

Adding all these tips into your time management regime will definitely help you automate your productivity. Make sure to sign up for Pomzen online timer to enjoy all the advantages of productivity timers. 

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