How to Get Things Done Using Pomodoro Technique

How to Get Things Done Using Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique is a useful time management tool that can help you break down big tasks into many small chunks to get them done faster. Whether you feel submerged under the unending flow of work, suffering from work stress, or have the habit of procrastination, you can try the Pomodoro clock online and see if it helps you improve your productivity.

So what is the Pomodoro technique?

Developed by Francesco Cirillo, the Pomodoro technique aims to help people focus on one task at a time and get more tasks done by breaking them down into smaller goals. Simply put, the technique involves setting a specific amount of time to complete one particular task. A timer is set, during which you continue working on one task and take a short break when the timer rings.

The Pomodoro technique is all about focusing your brain to work on one task for a specific amount of time and then rewarding yourself with breaks for your efforts. Once you make this technique into habits, you will be able to carry out your works and perform them efficiently and on time, without burning out.  

How can Pomodoro Technique help you get things done?

The idea behind the Pomodoro technique is to inculcate a sense of urgency while doing a task, enabling you to set targets and goals to be achieved within the natural rhythm of doing tasks.

Rather than feeling as though you have lots of time left to complete a task and working ineffectively, the Pomodoro technique helps your mind focus on making progress and getting the task in hand completed effectively without being distracted.

Knowing that you have only 25 minutes to concentrate before taking a break, the Pomodoro technique trains your mind to ignore other distractions, like browsing the internet, checking emails, or doing other tasks.

What’s more, using the Pomodoro technique will help you stop spending hours in front of your laptop or computer, or sit at your desk without moving. The timer will remind you to get up from your desk and take short breaks between works. This really helps eliminate that exhausted, burnt-out feeling people generally experience at the end of their working day.

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