How to Stop Wasting Time and Start Investing For Productivity

How to Stop Wasting Time and Start Investing For Productivity

The 24 hours that we get every day is actually enough to accomplish almost anything we want. But most of us usually tend to overestimate the time they actually will be working and in the end, we are left with too many tasks to complete and too little time to do it.

Here are some factors that can refrain from getting your task done.


It refers to the tendency to get distracted by other things. High impulsivity lures you to distract your mind from doing something else instead of your work at hand. During work, you can be easily distracted to check your phone, browse through your social media pages, or do other things.


It refers to the time- lapse until getting or achieving the anticipated reward. You are most likely to procrastinate and delay your work, as you figure out that it’s something you can take care of later.

The willingness to do the work and along with the expectancy of how much one expects to succeed at doing the task, are key to utilizing time judiciously. It’s true, the more you expect being successful the less likely you are going to procrastinate in completing your work.

Here are some tips which can help you manage your precious time and used it for more productivity

Time tracking

Tracking your time manually makes you think harder about it and you start to realize more accurately how you spent your time on a daily basis. You will start to value time more. Try the Pomodoro timer online at Pomzen to track your time accurately. This technique helps you set a specific time frame to complete work without stressing out. It also helps you reduce distraction, so you get to do more in less time.

Low time-waster

If you are easily distracted by your phone, you want to keep it away while you are working, or:

  • Disable data connectivity for useless apps
  • Turn on the “do not disturb” or “airplane” mode
  • Unsubscribe from useless emails
  • Block or remove time-wasting apps and website

Be in a proactive state

Be proactive and start the day with the intention do to something productive. Don’t just stress about work. Schedule your day to do some exercise, improve your knowledge, enjoy your day, then your work won’t be as stressful as you think. This way you will enjoy your work and start making the best use of time.

If you are looking for effective tools to help you manage your time, then step right in at Pomzen and enjoy the many benefits of effective time managing applications and techniques, such as Pomodoro timer online.

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