Time Management Tool That Will Make You A Productivity Master

Time Management Tool That Will Make You A Productivity Master

We are all running our own unique race, to survive, to tackle, and achieve what is best for us.

With the evolution of technologies, leading to the availability of ample information and entertainment, most people find it difficult to stay competitive and concentrate on being productive in their business. People forget to realize and utilize the value of time, which ultimately hampers their productivity.

When you want to see productivity, you want to first invest in time management tools. Effective time management tools like the Pomodoro timer allow you to carry out your work smoothly. When there is a smooth flow of work, there is productivity, and when there is productivity you can extend your business aspect to a broader scope. One of the best time management tools that can boost productivity in work and business is Pomodoro Timer.

What is Pomodoro Timer?

Pomodoro Timer is an effective time management technique, that allows you to take any large task or any series of tasks and break them down into short time interval called Pomodoros. Each Pomodoros are then separated by a short break.

So, how can this technique make you productive?

Running a business is not as easy, it takes great effort, along with adequate plans and careful decision to establish something. But, without proper time management to do all these tasks, all things can go in vain. Pomodoro timer helps you manage your time most efficiently so you get all things done on time.

Using Pomodoro timer is very easy to use. Here’s a quick view:

Choose your task

The first step is choosing your task or tasks that you want to complete at a specific time. Next set a timer to your preferred minutes, continue to work on the task until the timer rings.

Avoid checking your timer

When you are fulfilling the task make sure to avoid checking the time as this can create a gap between your work and waste your time.

Enjoy the break and continue.

As the timer rings, take a break for 5 minutes after the first Pomodoro and take 15 minutes after the fourth Pomodoro. During the breaks allow your brain to rest and do something that you enjoy, like taking good fresh air, enjoy your favorite shakes, browsing through Facebook pages, or other things that help you relax.

One of the best benefits of the Pomodoro timer is limiting distraction and allowing you to complete work on time. When you are getting things done on time, you enable yourself to be more productive. Experience the advantages of this effective time management tool to boost productivity at Pomzen. At Pomzen we provide a customizable Pomodoro timer, where you can customize your timer depending on your preference, so you get things done on time without burning out.

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