How Can Visual Timer Benefits Children With Special Needs

How Can Visual Timer Benefits Children With Special Needs

At an early stage, it is common for most children to find it hard to tell time or internally mark the length of time between tasks. Using a timer is a really good way to help children not only learn the time duration between two tasks but also get an idea of how long is left before transitioning from one activity to another.

A visual timer is also an effective tool for children with special needs. Children with special needs, especially those with autism usually have difficulty moving from one activity to another. Visual timers have been helpful in teaching the concept of time to these children. It also helps them understand better that each activity is limited to a certain length of time.

Visual timers can be very helpful for children with special needs in numerous situations. Let’s look at some of it below.

Promote  independence

Using a visual timer can create the ideal way to promote independence among children with special needs. Under the guidance of an activity schedule, these learners can independently move from one activity to another.

Staying on task

Children with special needs, especially those with Attention Deficit Disorder often have the tendency to forget what they set out to accomplish or lose track of time and get lost in their thoughts. Visual timers can be an ideal solution to help children with special needs stay on task and completing it.

Easy Transitioning

Transitioning from a preferred activity to unpreferred activity, and vice versa can be very challenging for children with special needs. Visual timers are great in assisting children with these transitions. Setting a timer will give a child an interest in completing certain tasks, even unpreferred activity, as they become aware of the reward they will get to spend their time for their preferred activity.

A great motivator

A timer can be a really good motivator for children. The clicking of the clock and the short duration that they have to do a certain task can keep children motivated to complete the task. They also become more aware of time and developed learning the importance of time.

If you have children with special needs and want to help them with transitions and work more independently, try the visual timer online. Pomzen provides you with a customizable online visual timer that you can easily use on your smartphones and desktops. The online visual timer is very simple and easy to use.

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