How to Use Custom Countdown Timers to Boost Sales

How to Use Custom Countdown Timers to Boost Sales

Today, businesses try out and use different tactics to attract and encourage customers to purchase their products or services. One such tactic is the ‘countdown timer’, which is popularly found in online stores and large shopping malls.

A countdown timer is generally a virtual clock that counts down from a certain date or time to indicate the beginning or end of an event or offer. The purpose of using a countdown timer by marketers is to provoke a sense of urgency in the customers and persuade them to take quick  action. Let’s look at some great ways you can use countdown timers to boost sales.

In Email Marketing

With the development of the countdown timer email and interactive emails, emailing has is becoming quite fun for email marketers and customers to open. It is making it more convenient for customers to shop and apply discount offers to their purchases. The custom online timer at Pomzen gives you the ability to quickly test and adjust your tactics to set email marketing apart from others.

On The Product Page

The countdown timers are popularly used on product pages to increase sales. When customers land on the product pages it is most likely that they would make a purchase, however, they may not do it right away and goes on looking for better options. When you offer incentives via an online custom countdown timer, it helps keep your customers interested and persuade them to make faster buying decisions.

At the Checkout Page

This step is usually considered the last attempt to win your customers. This trick is quite helpful in reducing the cart abandonment rate, which is a common issue that most online stores attempt to resolve. By creating a little sense of urgency at this stage, you push customers to go ahead and finish the purchase process.

Website Pages

One of the most effective ways to use countdown timers to boost sales is using them on any of your webpages. You can either place it on the home page, blog pages, or wherever you feel your visitors visit the most.

Have you ever used countdown timers before to boost sales? Combine it with Pomzen custom online timer to bring out the full potential of your online store every time you put up a sale.

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